Family Tree Relief Nursery

Family Tree Relief Nursery: Our Mission & Vision

Family Tree Relief Nursery nurtures children and their parents, building a strong foundation for healthy, thriving families.  We believe that healthy families are essential for a thriving community. Family Tree Relief Nursery envisions a community free from child abuse and neglect where families can grow and nurture their children to adulthood.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider. For a complete Non-Discrimination Statement, click here

Building a Strong Foundation for Healthy, Thriving Families

Helping Create Healthy Kids & Strong Families Since 2004

Family Tree Is Celebrating Our 20 Year Anniversary!

Family Tree Relief Nursery is overjoyed to mark two decades of serving our incredible community! From day one, our mission has been to provide support, care, and hope to families in need, and we’re honored to continue making a positive impact. Here’s to 20 years of compassion, resilience, and building a stronger, more connected community together!

Our Programs

Therapeutic Early Childhood Programs

Our early childhood center-based programs serve children from 2 to 5 years of age in a therapeutic classroom setting.

Home Visitation & Outreach

Home visitors help parents who are experiencing challenges to keep their children safe and to build healthier relationships.

Alcohol & Drug Recovery Support

The largest family stress factor reported in Oregon was alcohol and drug issues. We provide services and support in three areas of recovery.

Parent Education

We understand parenting can be difficult. Our classes are free, offer transportation, meals, and childcare for children 0-12.







Therapeutic Early Childhood Programs are the Core of Every Relief Nursery

Children under the age of 6 represented 46.3% of all abuse and neglect reports to child protective services in Oregon.

That’s why we focus on Therapeutic Early Childhood Programs (TECP) in order to integrate formal mental, behavioral, and special education services. Each one of our families enrolled in TECP has a dedicated home visitor that’s also a classroom teacher. Both of our classrooms have a high ratio of teachers to children and are separated by Toddler, Pre-K and Respite groups. Teachers work in partnership with families by coming to their homes at least monthly to help parents and strengthen the parent-child relationship during challenging times.

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“I cannot imagine how much harder it would have been if we would have continued on the path we were on and I don’t think we would have our son… I owe my whole recovery to Crystal at Family Tree… Knowing that she had gone through it too made me want to listen to her, she’s a life saver.”

- Shannon