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About Us

Healthy Kids + Strong Families = Thriving Communities

Since its inception in 2004, Family Tree Relief Nursery has helped hundreds of children and their families to stay together as a family unit. Family Tree Relief Nursery is the only private, nonprofit organization in the area that provides the following services: a therapeutic classroom and nursery care for both toddler and preschool-aged children; home visitation and outreach services; respite care and crisis intervention; parent education and support; alcohol and drug recovery support as well as referrals to other community resources and services.

The Impact

Oregon’s Relief Nurseries show impressive results in reducing the number of days Relief Nursery children spend in costly out of home placements. An independent evaluation of Oregon Relief Nursery programs for 2007-2008 found that Relief Nursery children are less likely to be abused following their enrollment in the program, and Relief Nursery children are more likely than children statewide to be reunited with their parents.

Relief Nurseries improve lives, save money and contribute to school readiness by:

  • Keeping children safe in their homes;
  • Substantially reducing family risk factors associated with child abuse and neglect;
  • Reducing the number of children in foster care.
  • Enhancing early literacy and increasing school readiness;
  • Quickly making a financial impact in their community (for each tax dollar spent, OR saves nearly $4 in costs associated with child abuse, unemployment, criminal behavior and other social issues).

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Message from our Director, Renee Smith

I feel good about the work that we do. We are poised to be flexible and responsive to the challenges our families are facing now and in the future. I believe in the work we do and am proud of its impact on children and families in our community. When I took on this leadership role in 2007 we had a staff of four and that included me. Since that time we have grown into a strong organization that serves over 150 families across Linn County annually. We now have a staff of thirty and we continue to grow. Our focus for the future is for us to continue to be flexible and never make assumptions about what our families will need. Both our Board of Directors and our staff are constantly asked to think outside the box about how we can best deliver services to our families that will meet their needs in a society that is changing at a very rapid pace.

'Because we have always done it that way' is not an acceptable answer to any question. We are looking for ways to change and grow to meet the new challenges before us.

We are looking at creative ways to serve more and more families in Albany as well as rural communities across Linn County. People from all walks of life would no doubt benefit from our services. There is a strong level of acknowledgment that we support family stability and prevent abuse and neglect and we do that very successfully. Despite the risk factors that our families face every day, 100% of the children in our therapeutic classroom program stayed with their parents, in their home safely. Currently, we are serving families with many more risk factors than the average family. Statewide, the State of Oregon suggests that the average family has 1-2 risk factors and that a family crosses the “high-risk” threshold when they have 5 risk factors. On average, families served by Family Tree had 13.7 risk factors!

We wholeheartedly believe that Healthy Children + Strong Families = Healthy Communities. Relief Nurseries straddle the fence between early childhood education and social services. We are continually looking for ways to lower the height of that fence. Our programs are at the intersection of Health/Early Learning/Strong Families. We are effective because we offer a holistic approach to nurturing our families. We offer comprehensive wrap-around services to both the children and their parents. This would include services such as assistance with recovery from alcohol or drug addiction and crisis support. Our success comes from treating the whole family, treating them with respect and empowering their role as parents.

My husband, Jeff, and I raised two boys here in Albany. Both of them are now off to college. I remember when they were young, there were many days that I struggled with parenting and always wished I could be 100% confident in the job I was doing. Every mom I have ever met wishes she could be a “better” mom. I love that our programs teach moms and dads to be better parents and to be confident they will do the right thing when things get really tough.

Renee describes herself as a Lifelong Learner. She holds a BA in Political Science from Willamette University and a Master’s in Education from Oregon State University. She served a three-year term as President of the Oregon Association of Relief Nurseries that ended in 2013.