Four years ago, April knew she needed to make a change, for both herself and her son Jordan. Jordan was growing up and already learning fast, and some of his behavior was taking a turn for the worse. April knew her relationship with Jordan’s abusive father wasn’t healthy and that leaving him wouldn’t be easy. 

April decided to take a courageous first step of filing a restraining order against Jordan’s father. While at the Linn County courthouse April was connected to CARDV who referred her to Family Tree Relief Nursery to help her with the difficult transition to single motherhood.

Jordan was soon enrolled in Family Tree’s Lebanon Therapeutic Early Childhood Program. The teachers who spent their time with Jordan in the classroom also served as a home visitor for April. Together they created goals, spoke of difficulties and worked together to overcome them. April was granted the opportunity to hear what Jordan was learning and doing in class and follow through at home to maintain consistency for Jordan.

Though Jordan was a fun and energetic child, he displayed behaviors consistent with children that had experienced interpersonal trauma. He had difficulty transitioning and would often escalate toward his teachers and peers when something did not go “his way”. Over time Jordan learned how to regulate and appropriately express his emotions, interact and share with other children, and build a new stronger bond with his nurturing mother April.

Jordan remained in Lebanon’s classroom and services until he was ready to successfully begin Kindergarten in a public school setting. Family Tree’s services provided Jordan and April with the tools they needed to become a healthy and thriving family within Linn County.

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