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Alcohol & Drug Recovery Support

FTRN staff provide services or support in three areas as part of Addiction Recovery Team (ART):

  • A & D Outreach
  • Outreach Expansion
  • Family Treatment Court


A & D Outreach:

A & D Outreach workers provide support for clients who are involved with child welfare and who have drug and alcohol allegations. Outreach workers are available to meet weekly with their clients in their home or in the community, introducing and modeling a recovery lifestyle. They may provide transportation, accompany them to meetings, appointments, court appearances, and make referrals to various community groups and agencies.


Outreach Expansion:

The Outreach Expansion worker supports families affected by substance abuse and connects them with treatment and related resources. The family does not have to have an open DHS case. Indicators of A & D issues need to be present. This service is a four week program that utilizes Differential Response process.


Family Treatment Court (FTC):

FTC is a voluntary program where clients who elect to participate must meet certain criteria including participating in FTC weekly, meeting with an Outreach Worker, random UA’s, attending treatment and remaining compliant with their treatment