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These items would really make a difference at the Nursery. Click on the pictures below to purchase.

Children who wear soiled diapers for hours can suffer illness.  Please help us provide diapers for our clients.


Tree Building Blocks give children the opportunity to learn how to problem solve and engage in abstract play, building their cognitive function.


Family Tree kids love making a train track around the room. These signs help the children learn how to follow directions, share and be observant of their surroundings.


The children love getting to make art and take it home to show their parents. The drying rack lets those masterpieces go home in tip top shape.


Living in Oregon means kid's jackets often come in dripping wet. These coat hooks helps the kids learn how to care for their things by having their own space.



Family Tree has  a shelf of books that children are free to take, but there isn't a single book in Spanish. Help ALL our students learn to read and have reading time with their parents by having book in their native language. There are many favorites we remember from our childhood or our children's in the wishslist.  Pick your favorite!

Kids love to be creative and animals are one of their favorite subjects!

These foam toys teach children agility and consequences in a fun way.

Kids love to see construction vehicles around town. These let the kids play with the things they see and allow them to stack the different pieces to make each vehicle. So fun!

Art time I always a favorite. These are easy, clean, and fun!

Preschool children learn a lot through touch. These beads let them play and learn all at the same time!

For Family Tree kids, coming to school on the bus is one of the most exciting parts of their day. They're obsessed with buses and schools now!

The joy of building something then knocking it over can't be beat for little ones. Foam blocks  are perfect for motor skills, tactile learning, and a  great time.

Fun to manipulate in to various shapes and be able to unobtrusively fidget and focus when asked to sit still,  this durable wooden toy is a winner!